Easy-Peasy Lemonade

Whether you felt it or not, today was one of the hottest days of the year! In such heat, a quick-to-make yet refreshing drink is definitely on demand. For this recipe, all you need are three ingredients: lemons, water, and sugar. Hope you find this drink as thirst-quenching as I did!


  • 3 lemons
  • water
  • sugar, to taste
  • ice


Thoroughly wash the lemons and juice them. Pour the lemon juice into a pitcher and add about 2 quarts of water. Stir the desired amount of sugar into the lemonade and add a few cubes of ice before enjoying!


Strawberry-Blackberry Spritzer

Strawberry-Blackberry Spritzer

We just made this amazing summer spritzer. It tastes really good and it is easy to make!

Sparkling water
2 cups of ripe fruit(blackberry and strawberry)
1/4 cup of raw honey

First, bring the honey to almost a boil. Next, stir in the berry mix. I used 1 1/4 cup of strawberry and 3/4 cup of blackberry. After stirring, put the mix into the blender. Then, pour the sparkling water into the blended berry/honey mix. Finally, pour into a glass and enjoy this refreshing drink!