Cherry Strudel (Pita od Trešne)

Sour cherries sprinkled with sugar and rolled into filo dough. A delicious combination yet easy  to make! Depending on how sour or sweet your cherries are, you may need more or less sugar. But no matter what your measurements are, this dessert is  guaranteed to be delicious!


  • 4 cups cherries
  • filo dough
  • breadcrumbs
  • sugar


Take out the seeds from the sour cherries. Take a sheet of filo dough and dap oil on it. Repeat this for another sheet. Then, about an inch from the edge of the shorter side, sprinkle breadcrumbs (about an inch wide) down the side; the breadcrumbs keep the filo dough from getting soggy. Layer the cherries on top of the breadcrumbs. Generously sprinkle sugar over the sour cherries. Roll up the filo dough and place in an oiled pan. Repeat this until you use up all of the cherries (about 4 times).

Bake in the oven at 390F for about 40 minutes (the top of the pastry should be golden brown). Enjoy this yummy dessert!